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In my experience, Chris invested himself not only in his job but in me and my husband. He made sure that we knew how to use an evaporative cooler properly and walked me through how to help stop erosion on the side of my home. During the inspection he made sure I understood he was talking about and offered solutions to some minor issues in the home and the best way to fix them. Chris is respectful and cares about his customers, he wants you to be comfortable in the inspection and wants your concerns addressed.

Marina C.

Just like the other reviews, Chris was very thorough with the inspection of the older home we purchased. After he finished the inspection, he spent a lot of time going over his report and answering our questions. It was helpful moving into the house knowing about several items that needed repair rather than being surprised later. We would highly recommend him.

Karen H.

Chris did a great job with our inspection which also will serve as a starting point for home repair and maintenance. He was on time, promptly submitted a highly detailed and accurate inspection report and did a very thorough investigation into the property.

I trust Chris to provide the necessary information to make the most informed decision possible as a home buyer and I will definitely use his service again and recommend him to others.

Terence H.

Chris did an amazing job. His background gives him a great perspective on what an inspection really means to a homebuyer and he was patient and willing to answer any questions myself or my brother had. I would gladly use his service again and recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection. When my brother buys his first home in the near future, he already knows who he will be contacting.

Kit K.

Pro Home Inspections, LLC was wonderful working with. Scheduling was easy. Inspector was very thorough throughout entire home inspection. Reports were available immediately with clear and concise commentary also pictures taken during inspection. Inspector is very knowledgeable in many home construction fields and was willing to point out when you may want an item looked further into. Very happy with Pro Home's customer service, always answered the phone when called and scheduled follow up discussion after hours to work with my my busy schedule and being a parent. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends.

Jennifer E.

Chris Heinemann is a fantastic inspector as well a wonderful person. Not only is he excellent at what he does as an inspector but he has a big heart He was very helpful to us in every way and we are grateful to him. I highly recommend Chris as your your next inspector

Zion M.

Very thorough and informative. Would recommend to all my friends needing an inspection

Cody T.

Was in depth with everything that could even potentialy be an issue. Woked in a timely manor and was helpful with how to fix problems he found. If I ever buy again I'm going to through Pro Home Inspections.

Kimberly O.

Chris is professional and personable! He walked me through every step of my home inspection and produced a comprehensive report of the inspection which I found very helpful. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is in need of a home inspection, you will not be disappointed.

Cassandra N.

Chris is awesome! I didn't think I needed a inspection but I'm very glad we did! Chris was so professional and helped me a ton! I would recommend him to anyone!

Paula M.

Pro Home Inspections were very thorough and professional! Chris explained his findings and conveyed them in a very understandable method. He saved me from purchasing a home with the potential of costing an additional $30K to $40K in repairs. I will use him again when I purchase a home.

Sharon W.

Chris is extremely thorough and willing to take his own time to ensure that the prospective buyer/s understand everything that he finds, listed on the inspection report. My wife and I would recommend Chris and Pro Home Inspections 100 times over!

Troy E.