We'll Keep Our Eyes Peeled for Imperfections

We'll Keep Our Eyes Peeled for Imperfections

Schedule a certified home inspection in Grand Junction, CO

As InterNACHI certified home inspectors, we follow Standards of Practice that cover every major component of your home. If you’re in need of a thorough visual home inspection, Pro Home Inspections, LLC is the company to call. We’ll inspect all visible components of your Grand Junction, CO home to look for damages and deficiencies.

Contact us at 970-210-9981 to learn more about our complete visual inspection service.

What does the Complete Visual Home Inspection include?

If you'd like to be more informed about the condition of your Grand Junction, CO home, a complete home inspection is the way to go. This thorough inspection will cover:

Shingles | Flashings | Chimneys | Trim | Vents | Drip Edges | Gutters | Skylights | Downspouts

Exterior Components
Siding materials | Attachments | Sashes | Windows | Doors | Entryways | Vents | Decks | Porches

Interior Features
Floors | Ceilings | Walls | Finishes | Sinks | Cabinets | Shelving | Fireplaces | Smoke detectors | Built-in appliances

Electrical System
Service entry | Service panel | Clearances | Grounding system | Visible wiring | Switches | Outlets | Junction Boxes | Recalled and obsolete items | Unsafe and other electrical components

Heating and Cooling Systems
Air conditioner | Furnace | Ductwork | Electronic monoxide and electric testing

Insulation | Ventilation | Collar ties | Rafters | Trusses | Wiring attachments | Joists

Crawl space | Foundation | Ventilation | Insulation | Floors | Walls | Columns | Vapor barriers | Posts | Utility attachments | Structural items

Plumbing and Fixtures
Water pressure | Water distribution system | Sinks | Faucets | Bath | Showers | Toilets | Sanitary systems | Exterior hose bibs

Environmental Issues
Water intrusion | Mold | Recommendations for mitigation or containment

And all other visible components of your home.

Consult with Pro Home Inspections, LLC about completing a home inspection.